Our Approach


What We Fund

Our program areas reflect large and overlapping fields of activity. While each program has its own strategy, our overall grantmaking prioritizes supporting organizations whose work:



  • Addresses the root causes of racial and social inequities through long-term systems change work, which includes challenging the status quo and changing the policies, practices, priorities, and cultures that create and perpetuate inequities.
  • Uses the following strategies to advance justice: advocacy, organizing, coalition building, movement building, policy engagement, narrative change/strategic communications, field building, and/or direct services that connect to a systems change strategy.
  • Prioritizes the people and communities most affected by structural inequities, including systemic racism.
  • Takes an integrated approach that recognizes the forces that shape people’s lives are interrelated.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to regularly and consistently collect feedback to drive learning and improvement.
  • Is grounded in evidence.