Learn more about the nuts and bolts of the DFI.


Program Dates

The projected 2024-25 program dates are Monday, August 5, 2024 – Thursday, June 5, 2025 (subject to change).

Upon acceptance to the program, Fellows receive a detailed schedule as well as helpful information about living in Israel.

Financial Information and Insurance

The Fellowship award includes up to $7,000 toward the cost of one’s Personal Learning Program and a $29,500 Living Stipend.

The Living Stipend ($29,500) is designed to cover the cost of travel to Israel (in the midst of the August Orientation) and from Israel (returning to North America at the end of the year) and all typical living expenses. These amounts are determined by the Dorot Foundation and are based on transportation costs and estimated living expenses. The Foundation does not augment this amount for Fellows with families.

Living Stipends and Learning Stipends are paid directly to Fellows in installments throughout the year. To our knowledge, the Living Stipend is taxable, but Fellows are encouraged to consult a tax advisor for details. The Foundation does not withhold taxes from Fellowship payments.

All expenditures from the Learning Stipend must be pre-approved and properly documented, in accordance with the Fellowship Contract (provided to Fellows upon acceptance to the program).


Food and transportation during all group convenings (Community Days, Seminars, Retreats, etc.) are covered by the Foundation. If you have any concerns about financial barriers to your potential participation, please contact dfi@dorot.org.

Insurance Information

Dorot Fellows are required to carry Israeli health insurance. Please note that pre-existing medical conditions are often not included in coverage by Israeli health insurance companies. As it is necessary for Fellows to be sufficiently covered, it may be necessary for those with pre-existing medical conditions to retain North America-based health insurance coverage.

Travel Policy

Within Israel

As immersion in Israeli society is a primary goal of the Fellowship, Fellows are expected to spend the full year in Israel. Trips throughout Israel are encouraged. Trips must not interfere with DFI seminars or community study programs (in whole or in part). Fellows are urged to remain in Israel for all Jewish holidays.

Outside Israel

Fellows may leave Israel for up to 21 days during the Fellowship Period, and are required to provide DFI Educators with advanced written notice of all time that will be spent outside of Israel during the Fellowship Period. Travel to nations with whom the United States does not have diplomatic relations, and those listed by the U.S. State Department as State sponsors of terror, is not permitted.

Palestinian-Administered Territories

The DFI will always take as its first consideration the personal safety and security of the Fellows. With clear U.S. State Department and Israeli Security Services directives as our guide, we maintain a policy which is not based on our political views regarding The Palestinian Territories, but rather one which is designed to ensure the general well-being of the members of our community. A Fellow who is “stranded” for whatever reason in a Palestinian town in the West Bank cannot be physically accessed by our Israeli staff members or, should it become necessary, by the Israeli security services. Although Fellows are welcome to study and understand the place of the Palestinians in the regional equation, our first concern will be our Israeli staff’s accessibility to our Fellows at all times.

Travel to nations with whom the United States does not have diplomatic relations, and those listed by the U.S. State Department as terrorist nations, is not permitted. Travel to the Gaza Strip is also not permitted.