About Dorot

Our Mission

Through our grantmaking and fellowship program, the Dorot Foundation works toward a just and equitable society in which all individuals can reach their fullest potential. Grounded in a Jewish commitment to social justice, we also work to ensure that American Jews actively collaborate to address society’s most persistent and entrenched disparities.

Our Values

We are guided by our commitments to:

Justice and Equity

Jewish wisdom obligates us to pursue equity and justice and challenge the social and economic systems that limit the realization of justice and equity.


Increasing fairness and justice requires collective social action. No individual, organization, or movement can do this work alone.

Risk Taking

We are committed to experimentation, innovation, and creativity.

Learning and Responsiveness

We embrace a growth mindset. We appreciate that failure is a fundamental element of learning. We seek opportunities to grow in ways that increase our capacity, and that of others.


We commit to forthright communication, a willingness to acknowledge our shortcomings, and to share what we learn.

Trust and Humility

We aim to be trusted partners in helping others to carry out their mission.

Listening and Proximity

We are committed to listening to and learning from others – especially those disproportionately harmed by the systemic inequities we seek to address.