Applications for the 2024-25 cohort are now closed. We invite you to learn more about our application process. 


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If you would like to learn more about the application process, please contact DFI Associate Director Jacob Levkowicz. Please note that these conversations are purely informational and have no bearing on your candidacy.


Selection Criteria: What makes for a successful Dorot Fellow and Alum?

The Dorot Fellowship in Israel is the beginning of a life-long relationship between a Dorot Fellow and the Dorot Foundation. As such, we have identified a set of qualities that we hope can be found in candidates, current fellows, as well as in our alumni community. While each criterion is relevant throughout this lifelong relationship, there are particular times when these criteria will be most required.

Ability to deal with challenge

  • Has the candidate demonstrated a history of persistence, resilience, hard work, and accomplishment?
  • Has the candidate demonstrated a sense of openness and desire for personal/character development as well as a willingness to participate in personal exploration?

High measure of Emotional Intelligence

  • Does the candidate demonstrate a high level of self-awareness?
  • When reflecting on group experience, has the candidate demonstrated a high level of self-management and relationship management?

Social Change Agent with both the ability to and compulsion to exercise leadership

  • Does the candidate seem ready to make the best use of this opportunity?
  • Has the candidate shown initiative to challenge/change the status quo?
  • Does the candidate have a track record of taking action and using creativity to solve problems?

Eagerness to learn/grow

  • Does the candidate express an openness to, or a track record of, being influenced and to being challenged by both peers and educators?
  • Does the candidate have a track record of taking on positive risk?

Eagerness to add value to and draw value from DFI community

  • Does the candidate possess a strong level of intelligence and depth of experience?
  • Does the candidate express themselves and reflect on their experiences with maturity?
  • Does the candidate have a track record of influencing others around them?
  • Does the candidate have life experiences and/or perspectives that are likely to add diversity to the DFI fellowship group?


Application Stages

Pre-Application Questionnaire

The pre-application questionnaire helps determine whether the DFI is a good fit. Answers have no bearing upon one’s candidacy.

Written Application

The goal of the written application, video submission, and the sharing of one’s leadership experience is to provide the DFI Interviewer(s) with important information about each candidate. The more one shares about oneself, the more the Interviewer(s) can accurately assess one’s candidacy.

The essays are one piece of an applicant’s candidacy, which we consider alongside interviews and recommendations. We recognize that long-form writing is not everyone’s preferred method of communication; as such, we offer the opportunity to share more about yourself through video, short answer questions, and when relevant, creative endeavors.

Candidates will be asked to provide the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of three individuals who might be contacted by Dorot for a recommendation on their behalf. Information may also be gathered from internet searches and via conversations with individuals to whom candidates are known (though not necessarily identified by candidates as references).

Repeat candidates must complete a new application each time one applies for the DFI.


Round One and Two Interviews are conducted by a DFI alum.

All interview rounds are conducted over Zoom. Phone interviews will be possible at the discretion of the DFI Director.

Round One Interview

All candidates will receive a Round One Interview, provided they meet the DFI’s eligibility requirements.

Round Two Interview

All Round One Candidates will be notified as to whether they have qualified for a Round Two Interview.

Finalist Interview

All Round Two Candidates will be notified as to whether or not they have qualified for a Finalist Interview. Finalist Interviews are conducted by DFI Staff and Alumni.

Complete 2024-2025 Application Timeline

January 18, 2024: Application Deadline

January 23, 2024: First Round Interview Notification

February 15, 2024: Second Round Interview Notification

March 18, 2024: Finalist Interview Notification

March 26-April 4, 2024: Finalist Interviews

April 17, 2024: Acceptance Notification

May 2, 2024: Alternate Notification

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