Dorot Fellowship (DFI)


The Dorot Fellowship
seeks to enliven the American Jewish landscape
by seeding the community
with a cadre of outstanding young lay leaders
who will create new forms,
and reinvigorate existing forms,
of Jewish expression.


The Dorot Fellowship was a catalytic experience for building personal leadership in my life. Whether through pursuing unique opportunities for personal growth or coordinating collaborative learning experiences for our peers, Dorot walks the talk in creating an open and supported space for exploration. I'm indebted to Dorot for the many learning spaces and connections cultivated during my year, particularly studying at Pardes and learning permaculture and natural building in the Arava Desert at Kibbutz Lotan.

The most powerful and long-reaching impacts of Dorot feel like seeds that were planted during my time in Israel and have continued to sprout, grow, and bloom in the years since. It was because of my time on the Dorot Fellowship that I felt it was possible to merge multiple aspects of my young adult identity -- my academic self, my "summer camp" and educator self, my artistic self, my spiritual self -- into a newly emergent sense of self that remains core to who I am today as both a professional, as a Jew, and simply as a human.

Yoshi Silverstein, DFI 2008-2009

JOFEE Fellowship Director at Hazon, Founder at Mitsui Collective