Thank you for your interest in the Dorot Fellowship in Israel.

We are excited to announce that we will open applications for the 2021-2022 cohort on Monday, April 5th at 9 AM EST.

We are beginning the application process with caution as we do not yet have definitive answers to important questions (stated in previous emails as well), such as:

 When might Israel open travel to non-Israeli citizens and non-visa holders? 

What will traveler’s health insurance look like and cost in a current/post-Covid Israel?

Will Israel require that all travelers be vaccinated? 

What is the minimum amount of time we need to offer a meaningful program? 

What changes might be necessary to the structure of our program to offer optimal safety for fellows and staff?

 As we continue to investigate where we can and as we watch the rollout of vaccine both in the US and in Israel, we are hopeful that a truncated program is in fact, possible. Once the application goes live, we will offer more information regarding program dates and the application process timeline.

Should you choose to submit an application, we look forward to reviewing your candidacy.Complete 2021-2022 Selection Timeline 

Complete 2021-2022 Application Process Timeline

May 6: Application Deadline 

May 10: First Round Interview Notification 

June 7: Second Round Interview Notification 

July 7: Finalist Interview Notification 

July 12-22: Finalist Interviews

August 2: Acceptance Notification 

August 16: Alternate Notification