Travel Policy


As immersion in Israeli society is a primary goal of the Fellowship, Fellows are expected to spend the full year in Israel. Trips throughout Israel are encouraged. 

Trips must not interfere with DFI seminars or community study programs (in whole or in part). Fellows are urged to remain in Israel for all Jewish holidays.


Fellows may leave Israel for up to 21 days during the Fellowship Period. 

Fellows are required to provide DFI Educators with advanced written notice of all time that will be spent outside of Israel during the Fellowship Period. 

Travel to nations with whom the United States does not have diplomatic relations, and those listed by the US State Department as State sponsors of terror, is not permitted.


Fellows may not choose volunteer activities that will take them outside the Sovereign State of Israel (including Israeli Settlements or Palestinian Administered Territories). We urge Fellows, in the strongest terms possible, not to travel to Palestinian Administered Territories. If Fellows choose to travel to these areas -- against the advice of the Dorot Fellowship in Israel and the Israeli and American Governments -- they do so at their own risk. Any travel to Palestinian Administered Territories will be counted against the 21 days allotted for travel outside of Israel. (Please note that both the Israeli Government and the US State Department have indicated that, while they are able to act on behalf of Americans who may need assistance in Israeli settlements, they are NOT able to do so within Palestinian Administered Territories.) 

Failure to comply with DFI Travel Policies may result in expulsion from the Dorot Fellowship.