Structure and Supervision

Fellows are expected to be largely self-directed and highly motivated in pursuit of the goals of the Fellowship. 

Fellows are fully independent and are responsible for establishing and managing their personal affairs and developing their own social circles in Israel. That said, Fellows will have extensive contact with one another in the midst of the DFI Learning Community and with the DFI Educators throughout their experience.


The DFI Educators serve in multiple capacities.

  • DFI Educators are responsible for the execution of the Dorot Fellowship program in Israel
  • DFI Educators serve as coaches in support of Fellows’ leadership development. They assist with the assessment of Fellows’ strengths/weaknesses, and assist Fellows in the development of goals and exercises to improve leadership capacity
  • DFI Educators serve as advisors to Fellows in the evolution of each Fellow’s Personal Learning Program. Fellows meet regularly with the DFI Educators throughout the year. All elements of the Personal Learning Program must be approved by a DFI Educator
  • DFI Educators are involved in all elements of planning and facilitating the DFI Learning Community


Steven M. Jacobson, DFI Director (USA)

Aaren Alpert, DFI Associate Director (USA)

Neil Harris, DFI Senior Educator (Israel)

Idit Shitrit, DFI Leadership Training Coordinator (Israel)