Seminar Days

The core of the community learning program is a weekly seminar series on topics central to Israeli society and politics in order to help Fellows understand the context in which they are living and enable them to bring back a sophisticated understanding of the socio-political reality in Israel to their communities in North America. 

Importantly, the curriculum for these seminars is not determined by the DFI Educators. At the outset of the Fellowship year, community programming is turned over to the Fellows as a group. Within the frame of the goals set out by the DFI Educators and the allocated budget, Fellows are responsible for determining the curriculum of their weekly seminar program (a total of about twenty seminars over the course of the year) as well as designing and implementing each seminar.

The following are examples of seminars topics explored by Fellows in previous years:

  • The Politics of Kashrut
  • The Aftermath of the Disengagement from Gaza
  • 21st Century Expressions of Zionism
  • The Unrecognized Bedouin of the Negev
  • The Palestinian Narrative 
  • Minorities in Israel
  • The Impact of the Arts in Israel on Society
  • Memory, Memorialization and The Shoah
  • Settlers and The Settlements
  • The Politics of Archaeology
  • The Foreign and Migrant Workers Communities