Sample PLP Activities

While many Fellows engage in a similar array of activities throughout the Fellowship (language learning, volunteering, etc.), the shape of a Fellow’s schedule will vary from day to day, week to week, and even month to month. Fellows balance their individual learning (PLP) with the communal learning and activities (planning and preparing for seminars and community days, etc.).

Below is a list of sample activities that Fellows often engage in, although it is by no means an exhaustive list and should not limit your thinking as to what is possible on the Fellowship:

  • Language lessons with a tutor, language classes, and completing the language homework
  • “Studio time” -- a concentrated number of hours that many artists and writers choose to utilize as they work on a project, along with meeting with a tutor or teacher to review their work
  • Volunteering in any number of locations, from an after-school program to an urban garden
  • Creative/artistic projects like creating a documentary, developing a dance piece, starting a podcast, working with a curator to create an exhibit
  • Planning and hosting events like Shabbat dinners, Rosh Chodesh circles, or Jewish learning groups
  • Working directly with local activists on a particular campaign
  • Taking classes at a university or yeshiva, or studying directly with a professor through one-on-one tutorials
  • Traveling throughout Israel to explore the region, conducting ethnographic research, or drafting journalistic pieces
  • Investigating aspects of one’s own Jewish heritage by translating a relative’s memoir or exploring Mizrahi identity through Mizrahi arts and culture
  • Working with local teachers, therapists, and guides around issues of healing, trauma, plant medicine, and personal development