Rebecca spoke Intermediate Hebrew upon arriving in Israel as a Dorot Fellow. She lived in Tel Aviv and three times during the year, she embarked upon a 5-day immersion experience with a Bedouin community, with a community on the Golan Heights, and in Jewish Hebron.



  • Pardes in Jerusalem: Judaism 101 and Life Cycle/Halachot (5hrs)
  • Hebrew tutor in modern Hebrew poetry in Jerusalem (2hrs)
  • DFI Seminar planning committee (va’ad) work (1hr) 


  • Studio and field day: developed a series of watercolor paintings the content of which examined Israel and the Occupation. Presented work to an artist/mentor every 3 weeks for critique. Studio-time plus traveled throughout the country conducting interviews, exploring the issues, etc. (9hrs)


  • DFI Seminar planning committee (va’ad) work (3hrs)
  • Learned with a curator of the Tel Aviv Art Museum RE: artistic representations of the body in 19th-21st Century Israeli Art (“From Ghetto Jew to Pioneer to Modern Warrior”) (2hrs) 
  • Basketball league at the local matnas (community center) 


  • Traveled to Beer Sheva to run an English ulpan for Bedouin NGO directors at Shatil plus volunteering RE: Bedouin land rights (10hrs)
  • DFI Seminar planning committee (va’ad) work (3 hrs)
  • 'Jewish Life and Learning' Study Series with DFI Community  


  • Dorot Seminar Day (6-16hrs) 


  • Volunteered at school for foreign workers and refugees as a sports coach (3 hrs)
  • Arranged weekly pot-luck Shabbat dinner as an “open house” to meet more young Israelis. 


  • Beach
  • Bed
  • Books