Personal Learning Program

Dorot was an absolute watershed experience for me. Even though I had already been living in Israel for three years, it wasn't until I joined Dorot that I actually felt I landed in this country.  Dorot's community-driven learning environment provided me with rich insights on a host of diverse topics that had not even been on my radar. It also provided me a safe and productive forum to explore my evolving views on many contentious issues, which previously had been unchallenged. I grew in so many different ways during my year on Dorot, and am grateful for all ongoing opportunities to continue tapping into this vibrant community.

-Yaakov Lehman, DFI 2011-2012

Chief Executive Integrator

Wisdom Tribe


The DFI Personal Learning Program (PLP) is a self-directed, individualized curriculum comprised of the same components but executed differently for each person. Fellows are encouraged to think creatively and to stretch beyond their comfort zones in conceiving of and executing their plans, which will undoubtedly evolve throughout the year.

In order to enhance their leadership potential, the DFI invites each Fellow to develop their Hebrew and Jewish literacy, their understanding of both Israel and contemporary Jewry, and their leadership skills. All of these are manifest in the five areas of the PLP:

  • Language Acquisition
  • Volunteering
  • Jewish Learning
  • Israel Experience
  • Personal Development

Fellows set goals and determine how to assess progress throughout the year, modifying and changing their PLP as they proceed, in order to maximize opportunity and follow their passions.

In the past, Fellows have volunteered in hospitals, environmental organizations, branches of government, domestic violence shelters, civil rights organizations, with youth at risk, with Shoah survivors and more. Fellows have conducted private tutorials with Israeli academics, rabbis, artists, and activists. They’ve created new initiatives, new programs and even new organizations. They have taught courses, hiked across the country, learned languages, created award-winning films and engaged in a variety of artistic endeavors. In short, Fellows are encouranged to learn and grow through a broad, and ever-evolving, variety of activities.