PLP Further Details

It is expected that the Personal Learning Plan  will take a minimum of 25 hours per week, which includes preparation for PLP activities. For example, completing Hebrew homework may count towards those hours, in addition to actually attending Hebrew class. The PLP is developed in close connection with a DFI Educator, who provides Fellows with suggestions and resources for people and organizations to work with throughout the year.

Fellows are typically not permitted to engage in professional training as an element of the Personal Learning Program. (A lawyer may certainly take a course in Jewish law, though a mathematician may not take a seminar in mathematical modeling.) It is common (and appropriate) for Fellows to use their professional skills in the context of their volunteer work, provided that the experience is consistent with the purposes of the DFI. Please note that Fellows are not permitted to receive remuneration for volunteering.

Fellows may not participate in degree-seeking programs during the course of the Fellowship.