Living Arrangements


Fellows may live anywhere within the Sovereign State of Israel, though all Fellows must be able to attend all DFI Weekly Seminars, which are typically in the center of the country (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv).

Fellows are expected to make their own living arrangements in Israel and are urged to live with Israelis. Fellows begin the Program Year with a two-week Orientation: one week in the U.S., followed by one week in Israel. Upon completion of the Orientation, Fellows will be given accommodations for a brief period during which they must arrange their permanent living situation.

Detailed information about how to identify living arrangements are provided to Fellows upon their acceptance to the program.


Due to COVID-19, all dates for the 2021-2022 Cohort are tentative. The DFI will begin after the High Holidays in mid-October and is scheduled to end by July 1, 2022.  All Fellows must be available to participate from the outset of the program. 

A full program calendar will be made available to Fellows upon acceptance to the program. 


The following is made available to newly selected Fellows:

  • A DFI (suggested) Bibliography
  • Tips on finding housing (PLEASE NOTE: While the DFI provides information about how past Fellows have successfully found housing, Fellows themselves are responsible for investigating and choosing their living arrangements.)
  • Information regarding health insurance
  • A database of all previous Fellows’ learning and volunteer activities, including contact information