Leadership Development

The Dorot Fellowship seeks to enliven the American Jewish landscape by seeding the community with a cadre of outstanding young lay leaders who will create new forms and reinvigorate existing forms of Jewish expression.

To do so, the DFI nurtures the characteristics and skills necessary to exercise effective collaborative leadership.  The specific skill-sets at the center of the DFI Leadership Development curriculum are: Emotional Intelligence; Skillful Communication and Change Management.  

  • Emotional Intelligence encompasses skills and habits of mind which are increasingly understood to be key factors in one’s capacity for success in nearly any endeavor.
  • Skillful Communication is necessary to influence others.
  • Change Management reflects one’s capacity to help others progress, succeed, or to “achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty.” )

From these broad categories, each Fellow works with DFI Educators to identify the particular skills necessary for their development and each element of the DFI provides opportunities to practice these skills. In this respect, the entirety of the DFI is designed to be a laboratory for leadership development.