Leadership Development

During my year on Dorot, I learned to push my artistic edges in vulnerable and courageous ways. My time on Dorot was a time of emotional, intellectual and spiritual transformation; I was so full of new information and big questions. I wanted to digest my experiences by turning them into creative content for a performance. I spent a good portion of my Dorot experience biking and hiking throughout the country, exploring the charged nature of the physical land itself and investigating the interaction of my body with the body of Israel/Palestine. This culminated in a one-woman performance entitled, "The Land is Shaking." This was the first time I really took the creative risk of putting my own work on display. In the process, I learned to put self-doubt aside and believe more in my artistic voice. I am now devising and directing original performance pieces in the Bay Area. For the past few years, I've been annually commissioned to write, direct, and produce an original musical.

-Kiki Lipsett, DFI 2013-14

Larkin Street Youth Services, Arts Program Director & Vocal Instructor


We invite Fellows to think of the DFI as a “low-stakes laboratory” in which they may play and experiment in order to stretch beyond their existing comfort zone. 

No matter a Fellow’s career or professional path, we approach leadership development as a holistic, creative, and highly individualized process, with core competencies that all individuals must develop in order to be effective. Throughout the year, Fellows receive intensive coaching, receive ongoing feedback and skills assessment, and participate in a series of interactive skill-building workshops.

We believe the fundamental building blocks for exercising leadership include:

  • Resilience
  • Listening
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Intentionality
  • Vulnerability
  • Empathy
  • Growth Mindset
  • Storytelling

 The DFI Leadership Development Curriculum is desinged to empower Fellows to develop these core competencies through a variety of modalities.


Starting the Dorot Fellowship as a recent college graduate, the year was a special bridge for me into the professional world. I learned countless skills around mentoring others, giving and receiving feedback, and a more holistic view of leadership that I've carried into my current work of mentoring and training young leaders. Beyond the practical tools, I developed a mastery of my own cultural, linguistic, and emotional capacities for living in Israel, improving both my Hebrew and Arabic through creative learning methods, like writing critiques of contemporary Hebrew plays and doing a homestay with a Bedouin family. The depth of the program is unparalleled. I have been so touched and impacted by Dorot, as I design my current work, spend time with friends (many of whom are Dorot alumni!), and continue my own growth and learning, which Dorot continues to invest in, many years after the year ended.

-Jonah Fisher, DFI 2012-13

GATHER Director, Seeds of Peace