Leadership Development

To accomplish the Dorot Fellowship’s mission (i.e., "To enliven the American Jewish Landscape"), the DFI seeks to nurture the characteristics and help Fellows develop the skills necessary to exercise effective collaborative leadership. 

The Dorot Fellowship has developed a programmatic methodology that enables each Fellow to define individual development goals to improve his or her capacity to effectively exercise leadership. Each element of the Dorot Fellowship provides opportunities to practice and reflect upon these goals. In this respect, the entirety of the DFI is a laboratory for leadership development. In order to identify areas of focus in the weeks of their time in Israel, Fellows conduct the Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ECSI).

The ECSI is a 360 degree review designed specifically for leadership development purposes by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis, experts on the role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership, in coordination with the Hay Group management consulting firm. The emotional and social competencies evaluated by this tool reflect the competencies necessary for the practice of effective leadership.

As a 360 degree review, Fellows collect feedback of their behavior and the impact of that behavior from a wide spectrum of individuals who know them well. (These individuals may include: managers, direct reports, colleagues, professors, students, friends and family.) In ensuing meetings with DFI Educators, each Fellow incorporates insights gained from the 360 review, along with feedback received from the DFI Learning Community, into specific goals and a program plan for the exercise of particular skills and behaviors designed to enhance their leadership capacity.