Inbar Amir, DFI Associate Educator (Israel)

Inbar Amir (she/her/hers) is an artist and an educator. Her artistic work ranges from script writing to acting and directing. Inbar wrote for Israeli television and theatre, created and performed on numerous stages and on national radio in Israel. Inbar uses tools from the worlds of theater and writing in workshops she leads on public speaking, storytelling, conflict resolution and communication skills around the world. Inbar trains speakers from different arenas, from social to business, with expertise in training speakers from academia. Inbar currently works with all the universities in Israel, training PhD students to communicate their research. Inbar teaches writing and storytelling at Eshkol Nevo and at Orit Gidalis' writing studio. Inbar trains speakers for TEDx events in Israel and spoke herself at TEDxJaffa 2014, where her lecture was entitled "Trapped by Choice." For Inbar, the stage and the written word serve as paths for her to meaningfully connect with people.