DFI Application Process



Applications for the 2022-23 cohort are now closed. Please check back for more information about applying for the 2023-24 cohort. 

We are hopeful that we will be able to resume our normal program schedule in August of 2022. Our projected program dates are, Monday August 8th 2022-June 11th 2023. (subject to change)

Should you choose to submit an application, we look forward to reviewing your candidacy.

Applicants may begin the application process HERE

Twelve applicants will be selected as Dorot Fellows (approximately 20% of applicants).



The DFI Application begins with a pre-application questionnaire designed to assist potential candidates in determining whether the DFI is a good fit for them and whether they are a good fit for the DFI. Candidates' answers to the pre-application questionnaire are not recorded and have no bearing upon one's candidacy.


The goal of the written application is to provide the DFI Interviewer(s) with important information about each candidate. The more one shares about oneself, the more the Interviewer(s) can accurately assess one's candidacy.

Candidates will also be asked to provide the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of three individuals who might be contacted by Dorot for a recommendation on their behalf.

More information about what is required in the written application can be found here.


Round One Interview

Candidates will be notified prior to February 1, 2022 if they have qualified for a Round One Interview. All first and second round interviews will be conducted via Zoom (with video when possible). If you do not currently have Zoom, we request that you download it (it is a free download) so that you can be prepared in the event that you are invited to interview. (Phone interviews will be possible at the discretion of the DFI Director.)

All Round One Interviews will be conducted in February 2022. 

Interviews are conducted by a DFI representative, chosen from among dozens of Dorot Fellowship Alumni and Associates.

Round Two Interview

Prior to March 1, 2022, all Round One Candidates will be notified as to whether they have qualified for the second interview stage. The second round of interviews will be conducted much like the first interview via Zoom, during the month of March.


The DFI asks candidates for the contact information of up to three references.  We may gather information/opinions about each candidate from among these references.  Information may also be gathered from internet searches and via conversations with individuals to whom candidates are known (though not necessarily identified by candidates as references).

Finalist Interview

Prior to April 4, 2022, all Round Two Candidates will be notified as to whether they have been selected as a DFI Finalist. All Finalist Interviews will be conducted via Zoom. 

All candidates will learn of their status by April 29, 2022. (Candidates placed on the DFI Wait-List will learn of their final status by May 13, 2022.)

Complete 2022-23 Selection Timeline 

January 24: Application Deadline 

February 1: First Round Interview Notification 

March 1: Second Round Interview Notification 

April 4: Finalist Interview Notification 

April 4-15: Finalist Interviews

April 29: Acceptance Notification 

May 13: Alternate Notification