DFI Alumni Activities

The Fellowship year in Israel is only the beginning of the relationship between the Dorot Foundation and Fellows. We envision this as a lifelong relationship, investment, and commitment, in which alumni are connected to each other and to the wider Jewish landscape. Upon returning from Israel, Fellows are warmly welcomed to the network. DFI alumni frequently establish new connections, jobs, friendships, collaborations, and more.

The following is a sampling of opportunities for alumni. More information is provided at the end of the Fellowship year.

  • DFI Alumni Leadership Awards: up to $5,000 is provided for initiatives that fellows spearhead related to leadership development, artistic projects, and enlivening the American Jewish landscape
  • DFI Alumni Development Award: up to $500 is made available to nurture development through conferences, courses, and other relevant activities
  • DFI Alumni Beit Midrash and online learning
  • Leadership Training Consulting Support from Rally Point Consultants for Collaborative Change 
  • Rockwood Art of Leadership: a highly-subsidized opportunity to participate in this program with a Dorot cohort
  • DFI Alumni Shabbaton: a national gathering and regional gatherings in select locations


Dorot helped to cement my lifelong commitment to tikkun olam, which in my case translates to a career well-spent litigating child abuse and neglect cases, and conducting federal policy advocacy to strengthen the rights of maltreated children. Sharing my cohort with those of vastly different Jewish backgrounds imbued me with greater tolerance and curiosity about the spectrum of Jewish observance while further grounding me in my own practice. My deep love for and connection to Israel grew exponentially, as is probably reflected by my nearly annual trips back since and happy marriage to a wonderful Sephardic Israeli! My continued close friendships with those in my cohort as well as with those I've gotten to know over the years at national and regional reunions have provided me with a treasured network of trusted confidantes, valuable networks for parenting, job and housing searching, and Jewish learning opportunities I would otherwise not have known about. This network has sustained and supported me through many phases of life, and I continue to be ever-grateful for the honor and gift of my fellowship year.

--Amy C. Harfeld, DFI 1994-95

National Policy Director, Children's Advocacy Institute