Community Days

Community Days are devoted primarily to the DFI Leadership Agenda. During these days, the DFI Learning Community engages in seminar planning, as well as a variety of feedback, refection and skill-building exercises designed to enable Fellows to practice the skills and habits of mind necessary for the effective exercise of leadership.

The core elements of the Leadership Development curruiculum are delivered on Community Days, as well, via the following experiences: 

  • Orientation: Becoming a Dorot Fellow; Becoming a Dorot Community
  • Skillful Interpersonal Communication, Part I
  • To Give and To Receive: The Art of Feedback
  • Kibbutz Tuval: Maximizing the Potential of Community
  • The Art of Facilitation
  • The DFI Leadership Retreat
  • Skillful Interpersonal Communication, Part II
  • Budapest: Examining the Self and the Other in Comparison and Contrast
  • The Power of the Story in Social Change
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management: The Challenge of Remaining in Control Under Pressure (The 360 Review)
  • Can we Make a Difference?: Inspiration from the Field
  • Competing Commitments: A Strategy for Identifying and Achieving Goals
  • The Pitch: Crafting a Compelling Case for Change
  • Sikkum: A Snapshot in Time